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Foam Risers 4" #785-1409
Foam Risers 4"
Foam Risers 4"
Item#: 785-1409
Regular price: $10.99
Sale price: $9.99

Product Description
Take your layout to a new level with the SubTerrain Layout System, which uses rigid, high-density foam products to add grades and upper levels for track or highways on any layout. No power tools are required for assembly or installation. The light-weight and ease of use makes these parts ideal for portable, permanent or display layouts. A variety of special tools, adhesives, road paving materials, fillers and roadbed are available to customize your layout and further simplify construction.

Risers are installed wherever track will be laid on curves or straights. The pieces lift the track above the surrounding area, like the subroadbed on the prototype, so it's easy to add low-lying scenery such as a creek or other formations.