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Lionel #6-85267 New York Central #6001 VisionLine Niagara
Lionel #6-85267 New York Central #6001 VisionLine Niagara
Lionel #6-85267 New York Central #6001 VisionLine Niagara
Item#: 6-85267

Product Description
Lionel #6-85267 New York Central #6001 VisionLine Niagara


If ever a locomotive were worthy of a VISION model, it is the Niagara. Lionel delivers with the most innovative rendition of these marvels to date. Redesigned from the inside out, our new Niagaras will be the envy of every model railroad's operating department. Exciting new features include a new safety valve steam effect which will pop off automatically, a force coupler feature which will increase or decrease the labor effects on the locomotive based on drawbar pull and a new simulated water-scoop spray effect to capture the drama of one of the Niagara's 80mph track pan fill-ups! You'll also enjoy incredible sounds from three speakers located in the tender and smokebox, and fan-driven smoke and whistle steam. The gearboxes of these locomotives have also been redesigned for reliable performance. And now your LEGACY-equipped locomotive can also be run with the Universal Remote or LionChief App thanks to its Bluetooth control option. Available in three road numbers, an unpainted pilot version and a "what if" 20th Century Limited-style scheme, don't miss your chance to own one of these models. This is the ultimate steam locomotive!

LEGACY Control System equipped - able to run in LEGACY Control mode, in TrainMaster Command Control mode or in Conventional mode with a standard transformer Bluetooth equipped - operate with the Universal Remote or LionChief App! LEGACY RailSounds: Road number-specific CrewTalk dialog and TowerCom announcements, each with different scenarios depending on whether the locomotive is in motion or stopped Stereo and localized sounds with speakers in the smokebox and tender Six official railroad speeds with CrewTalk dialog DynaChuff synchronized with 32 levels of intensity as the locomotive gains speed LEGACY "Real-Time Quilling Whistle and Horn" with instant response for realistic signature "quilling" and correctly timed warning signals Single hit or continuous bell sounds Sequence Control: plays the sound effects of an entire trip, including warning sounds and announcements, based on the movement and speed of the locomotive Current speed and fuel dialog, coal loading sound effects Water scoop and safety valve sound effects Synchronized fan-driven stack smoke Whistle steam Safety valve steam Kinematic drawbar between the engine and tender for close coupling on straights Water scoop spray effect ForceCouplerô - automatically adjusts locomotive labor sounds and fuel consumption rates based on drawbar pull IR Transmitter works with LCS SensorTrack Powerful maintenance-free motor with momentum flywheel Wireless Tether connection between locomotive and tender ElectroCoupler on rear of tender Directional lighting including operating headlight and back up light on rear of tender Traction tires Interior illumination in cab Firebox flicker Die-cast metal locomotive body, pilot and trucks Die-cast metal tender body and trucks High level of separately applied details Real coal load Adjustable smoke output Separately applied builders plates Cab "glass" windows Detailed cab interior Engineer and fireman figures