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Lionel Accessory Activator Pack #6-12029
Lionel Accessory Activator Pack #6-12029
Lionel Accessory Activator Pack #6-12029
Item#: 6-12029
Regular price: $17.99
Sale price: $16.99

Product Description
Lionel Accessory Avtivator Pack #61229 By using your passing trains & this Accessory Activator Pack,
your single-operation accessories, such as the Railroad Crossing Flasher (LNLU2888), the Auto Gateman
and more will be triggered.

Connect your accessory to the power wires. An electrical circuit is
completed through the axles of your train as it crosses over the broken rail section of your first isolated
track section. Your accessory turns off when the wheels of the last car in your train pass
over the second isolated track section.

Has a patented easy-to-use locking mechanism. No
need to worry about loose connections, track alignment or electrical continuity! Realistic
appearance with engraved ballast and track ties. Convenient screw holes in the track base allow for
easy permanent installation. Durable, secure connections provides extra stability for layouts on
carpet, or any other surface.

Each piece is a straight section. Power wires are already attached
to the underside of the roadbed of the terminal section (insulated).