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"O" Operating Crossing Flasher w/Sound SET OF 2
"O" Operating Crossing Flasher w/Sound SET OF 2
"O" Operating Crossing Flasher w/Sound SET OF 2
Item#: 30-11014

Product Description
"O" Operating Crossing Flasher w/Sound SET OF 2

In a world where much childhood play takes place on a two-dimensional screen, model railroading offers a form of play that is both old-fashioned and timeless. For more than a hundred years, children have been using toy trains — along with construction sets, toy figures, empty boxes, and anything else at hand — to build their own imaginary worlds.

While all of this can be accomplished today on a computer screen, there’s still enormous value in building something with your hands, making it operate, and sharing it with your friends. Childhood development experts call it “unstructured, imaginative, free play” and they say it helps kids grow mentally and socially. We just think it’s fun, and having fun has to be a good thing.

Create a miniature world for your railroad to serve with our wide variety of lighted RailTown™ buildings, operating accessories and O scale passengers and workers.

M.T.H. offers a variety of O scale trackside signals that will help you create whatever kind of model railroad world you desire; rural or urban, nostalgic or modern.

Fully assembled and ready-to-use, M.T.H. accessories will transform your layout into a world of action in just minutes

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