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Operating Drive-In Diner - Mel's
Operating Drive-In Diner - Mel's
Operating Drive-In Diner - Mel's
Item#: 30-9188

Product Description
Operating Drive-In Diner - Mel's

One of the most popular operating accessories in the M.T.H. RailTown line is Mel's Diner. This retro looking structure features two die-cast 1/43rd scale automobiles, moving skaters, lots of flashing lights and operating sound.

With a push of the activation button, a catchy tune begins playing along with the sound of an automobile coming around the corner. Before long, it appears and drifts into a parking spot where it's driver is greeted by a skating waitress who has rolled out of the diner to take a food order.

The scene continues with interaction between the waitress and the driver of the car as she skates back and forth with the meal order and change all the while flashing diner lights and music plays.

The scene ends, when the car's occupants have finished their meal at which time the car starts up and backs out of the spot and drives back around the diner.

The easy to install diner comes completely assembled. Wiring is easy and takes just a few minutes. Power is provided by a user supplied transformer. Any AC transformer will work.

PLEASE NOTE : This product will ship with in 3-5 Business days after payment. Please plan accordingly.