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USED ITEMSGently Used Items
Here is a list of our Gently used train items. All items are in used condition. SOLD as is, and not refundable. Please read the description carefully.

LIONEL #8937 Amtrak Non Power engineMTH Rail King # 30-2171-1 Great Northern EP5 Electric LocomotiveLionel GT Grand Truck GP-7 Diesel #8353
Lionel 1666 Engine and TenderO Scale Premier GP-9 Diesel Engine - With Proto 20-2173-1RMT Amtrak Powered 5131
Regular price: $99.99
Sale price: $39.99
Lionel 646 Steam Engine with TenderO Scale Premier FP-45 Diesel Engine - With Proto 20-2143-1RMT Amtrak 749
Lionel 8355 Santa FE Gp-20 Dummy Diesel (Non Powered)MTH O Scale Premier E-2 Bi-Polar Electric with Proto-Sound 2.0- SOLD OUTLionel 8452 Erie ALCO a Powered Diesel
Lionel 6-8453 Erie Alco B-Unit Diesel NON POWEREDSteam Engine #605  w/ Tender Boston & Maine- K-LINEMTH Alco PA B Unit (Non-Powered) 30-2128A
EP-5 Electric Engine w/Proto 30-2170-1 SOLD OUTO Scale Premier F59PHI Diesel Engine - With Proto 20-2213-1O Scale Premier Dash-9 Diesel Engine 20-2160-1- SOLD
O Scale Premier P5a Modified Electric - 3-Rail 20-5510-1O Scale Premier AEM-7 Electric Locomotive w/Proto-Sound 20-5505-14-6-0 Camelback Steam Engine w/Proto 30-1141-1- SOLD OUT
O Scale Premier F-3 AA Diesel Set - With Proto 20-2152-1O Scale Premier E-8 ABA Diesel Engine Set - 3-Rail  20-2170-1O Scale Premier Genesis Diesel Engine With Protosound 20-2189-1 SOLD OUT
O Scale Premier E33 Rectifier Electric w/Proto-Soundr 20-5508-1MTH 0-4-0 Dockside Locomotive 30-1290-0Williams SD-45 Tuscan Pennsylvania Railroad PRR #4656 Loco
Williams Conrail CR 960O Scale Premier F40PH Diesel Engine With Proto-Soundr 2.0Pennsylvania A5 Steam Switcher #94 K-LINE
Lionel  PA #681 Steam EngineLionel #8506 Engine and TenderLIONEL 8250 SANTA FE GP-9 DIESEL
Lionel 6-8354 Erie Diesel LocomotiveMTH ELECTRIC TRAINS 4-6-2 STEAM LOCOMOTIVE 30-1138-1Lionel C & O 4-4-2 steam locomotive w tender #8305
Williams Engine and Tender