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Z-DC300 30 Watt DC Transformer
Z-DC300 30 Watt DC Transformer
Z-DC300 30 Watt DC Transformer
Item#: 40-300

Product Description
Z-DC300 30 Watt DC Transformer

PLEASE NOTE : This product will ship with in 3-5 Business days after payment. Please plan accordingly.

If you're looking for a reliable HO power source, the Z-Series DC-300 transformer from M.T.H. Electric Trains is a perfect choice. Featuring 30 watts of power and a 16 volt AC accessory port, the CSA approved DC-300 will comfortably run up to five HO locomotives.

Thanks to the AC accessory port, the DC-300 can throw a turnout or light up a town's building and house lights while still allowing your locomotives to challenge steep grades or pull a long consist. The DC-300 outputs power in minute increments that ensure your locomotives will operate smoothly and realistically.

Equipped with boost, brake and direction buttons, the DC-300 provides the operator with the control needed to conventionally operate your HO pike.

Operators using the DC-300 with M.T.H. HO locomotives equipped with Proto-Sound 3.0 have access to a special "M.T.H. Brake" mode that slowly stops the engine but keeps its lights and sound on. When the M.T.H. Brake is turned off, the locomotive will begin moving and slowly ramp up to the previous throttle setting.